MONTHLY Webinar SERIES for rto CEOs/RTO managers

RTO Conversations with

Tamara Simon and Maciek Fibrich

September Focus: Compliance

Monthly Q and A Webinar with my Compliance Specialist

Here's your chance to ask your

'how do I manage my compliance and run a business' questions

Hosted by
Tamara Simon
Maciek Fibrich
September 15th
10:00 am AEST

In this Conversational Webinar Series,

you’ll hear ideas from RTO Specialists

to help you Build, Manage and Grow

your RTO Business in 3 focus areas:


Wouldn't it be great to get ideas to help your RTO?

Well now you can!

Each month, I will be chatting to one of 3 RTO Specialists who will share with you their tips and tricks and simple ideas to help you build, manage and grow your RTO.

Why did you develop this webinar series?

I'm passionate about helping the people running the day to day operations of an RTO AND its profitability - be it Owner, CEO, Manager, Operations Manager or whatever title you have .

So this series is all about providing you with business management professional development - from people who have been there and done that.

What areas will the RTO Specialists help me with?

I will be chatting to these 3 RTO Specialists:

COMPLIANCE - Maciek Fibrich

FINANCE - David Jepsen

MARKETING - Melanie MacDonald

These specialists know the challenges of juggling everything and want to help you manage the business side of running an RTO (and build compliance into everything you do).

Because if you don't make any money (FINANCE), and don't know how to attract and retain students (MARKETING), then it doesn't matter if you're COMPLIANT because you won't have an RTO business to run.

Does it cost me anything?

No, this is a free webinar series. Simply register and come on the live webinar and ask your questions.

Or if you can't make the date, please still register to get the recording because I don't want you to miss out on the gold these specialists will share with you.


About Tamara Simon

Tamara Simon is Australia's Only Dedicated RTO Business Coach, driven to providing simple solutions to help timepoor RTO CEOs/Managers grow their business (whilst managing everything and everyone else) because she's all about the HOW!

With over 24 years VET and business management experience including FITAB's CEO, Tamara's mantra to RTOs is 'if you don't like compliance and don't like change, then don't work for an RTO or be one'.

Tamara has provided numerous firsts for the VET sector, to support those running the business aspects of an RTO including:

Her acclaimed book, The Five Little RTO Pigs, is the first and only business book to truly tackle the issue of growing a streamlined and profitable RTO.RTO GROW - Australia's only PD program specifically designed to provide RTO Owners/CEOs/Managers with the information and tools to manage and grow the businessCoach In Your Corner - The Only Business Coaching Membership Program for those running (or aspiring to) run an RTO business

Tamara's leadership and management expertise was recognised as a Queensland Finalist in the Telstra Young Business Women's Awards and IML's Excellence Awards; and receiving QITC's 'Leadership in VET' Award. She is also a Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML).


About Maciek Fibrich

For twenty years, Maciek Fibrich has been challenging the status quo in the VET sector, often pushing the limits to achieve unexpected outcomes for RTOs. Maciek is truly passionate about ensuring quality within the VET sector and working out ways to use technology, as well as a global workforce to push quality, yet ensuring it never impacts on the human nature of training and assessment.

Maciek is the Director and Principal Consultant of RTO Consultancy. He works with a range of clients and focuses on quality, not compliance. Maciek believes compliance must be an organisation wide responsibility and that a culture of quality, along with further and ongoing education, shared responsibility and accountability, RTOs can focus on delivering quality outcomes and not constantly worrying about the next audit.

Maciek is a passionate believer in lifelong learning as well as living life to the fullest. He holds many vocational qualifications and is a member of a number of national and international professional bodies. Maciek believes in developing strong leadership skills through living every day to the fullest potential and always giving back to the community.

In 2014, a personal highlight was being awarded the Gold Cross of Merit from the Polish President at the Presidential Palace in Poland for service to the Polish Community in Australia.

September 15th
10:00 am AEST
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